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Annual Report 2015

Year-end  report 2017

Coor summarises a strong 2017 with 6 percent organic growth, a 7 percent improvement in operating profit, 103 percent cash conversion and a continued good pipeline of new business opportunities in the entire Nordic Region.

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Coor White Paper: How can I control my supplier?

How to collaborate with your FM-supplier and set the right targets with the goal of maximising efficiency.

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Future watch: Human meetings are becoming more important

Working in the office is not a dying trend, according to Ulf Boman at Kairos Future. On the contrary—in the idea-based economy of tomorrow, we’ll need more human meetings in order to create and produce.

Why human meetings change the world


Adapting your office for modern employees

Today’s workplaces need to be adapted for employees who are mobile, digital and independent.

How to adapt your office for the modern employee